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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Script #2


This is the first of what will probably be many pastoral letters "subjected" as First's Family Undershepherd Script.

Recently, I sent a pastoral letter to you; and our Lord is compelling me to increase communications in our family via any method possible.

These are different from and Kopp Disclosure on Tuesdays at 11:30 a.m.

First's Family Undershepherd Script(s) are particular to our family of faith (invitation) at First Presbyterian Church (name) while and Kopp Disclosure via are evangelistic/discipling/inspirations/indigestions/whatever for our extended family in, through, and for Jesus.  Scripts are for us and shared as appropriate while the others are not focused or aimed at First's family unless, uh, you know, the shoe fits.

Normally (?), the scripts will be briefer than this one; focusing on news, views, comments, and, uh, whatever, related to our specific family at First.

Karen, Kathie, and Bill will decide if any of 'em are worthy for bulletins, newsletters, postings, or Bill's musings; and you are asked to forward as appropriate as well as copy for family and friends who are not familiar with cyberspace.

I will ask Karen, Kathie, and Bill to distribute, post, and broadcast this one asap to alert First's family.

Anyway, to the script!

Fleming Flott went home to Jesus last Thursday and his memorial service was held in our sanctuary yesterday.  If you were not able to attend, you can go to the archives of and listen to it.  If you do not know how to access the archives, call Karen or Bill at             815-544-6402      
We will broadcast memorial services from our sanctuary as requested; and we are exploring the possibility of broadcasting wedding services.

Now that the Kopps are down to one vehicle, the van died on Monday and Dan wrecked his car just one day before going to college, get to drive Leslie to her subs and Matthew to...

Well, you mom/dad taxi services know what I mean.

Well, this morning as I was driving Leslie to BHS, I saw Jeremy, our youth pastor, gathered with many high schoolers around the pole for the annual, uh, Prayer at the Pole; when younger Christians, uh, pray for our world, country, schools, and...

It reminded me of Acts 4.

I would urge your reading of it as you consider Jeremy and the youths' witness this morning.
Specifically, do people recognize you as His in public?

BTW, a lot was said about that at Fleming's service; so you may want to tune in to the archive!

Seriously, read Acts 4 sometime today.

Blessings and Love!

P.S. It begins tonight at 6:00 p.m. in the chapel

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