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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Script #3


He promised; and it/He happened last night in the chapel.

The chapel was thick, packed, overflowing, dripping, and overwhelmed as a dozen thirsty/hungry souls for more of Jesus received Him as the promise happened: "God inhabits the praises/prayers of His people."

The peace that passes...

One wrote, "Pastor, the class last night was wonderful and I walked out in a much better place than I entered...I want more of it...Looking forward to Sunday..."

It's not really about studying or being guided by Chan's books; for they're just the, uh, excuse for going deeper and deeper and...

As I consider what happened last night and what will happen next Wednesday and next Sunday and..., I feel a deep sadness for people who don't...

Chan: "I get nervous when I think of how we've missed who we are supposed to be, and sad when I think about how we're missing out on all that God wants for the people He loved enough to die for."

I think of C.S. Lewis' The Great Divorce which I can't find because I can't find anything during our renovation/expansion.

Anyway, Lewis talks of "the great divorce" between communion with Him and non-communion with Him as a choice; akin to choosing to get on the bus or not get on the bus.  The bus is here and we choose to get on or not get on.

Pretty simple.

The bus has stopped on the corner of Lincoln and Main.

Blessings and Love!


  1. I agree, totally. I just cant begin to wrap myself around His love for us (me, specifically, as I feel unworthy of the love of One so AMAZING)! I want so badly to get as close to Him as I can by all the ways I can! I seem to be able to come closer in the company of those like were there last nite!

  2. Pastor Kopp,

    Just thought I'd send a note re: your the last 2 months I have begun to see the Holy Spirit moving in ways that I have not seen since the 70's. Yes, there were isolated manifestations during the 80's and 90's to be sure, but what I am seeing now is that it seems to be occurring in many places at the same time...and that there is a renewed hunger for the things of God. Should this be the beginning of the end-time harvest that scripture talks about, then people need to be discipled so that we are ready for what is to come. Sounds like you are seeing people with that real hunger...Praise God!