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Friday, September 30, 2011

Script #5


Earlier today (9:36 a.m.), I sent script #4 to you which included an opportunity to provide prayer and financial support for an after-school program to meet the continuing challenges in Joplin, Missouri after the historic tornado of 5/27/11.

If you have already deleted it, let me know and I can send another copy to you.

I have had several appointments and crises since this morning and missed Cliff's update of 12:38 p.m.; however, you will find it by scrolling down from this script.

I have been asked why I continue to raise awareness, prayers, and $ for New Creation Church when...

The answer is simple.


Many years ago, Tony, my famous friend who actually sells lots of books that he's written, said, "Christianity is about giving; and, therefore, Christians give whenever they have the chance and ability!"

As I have said over and over and over again, we are not asking folks who are struggling to make ends meet to respond financially if they are not able as the Lord expects such folks to care for their immediate families first as their first call/responsibility...

But as I have also said over and over and over again, if you've got it and ain't givin' it...

Well, ask Him about it.

Blessings and Love!

Update from Cliff:

Hi Bob  -

Thanks for keeping us in your sights dear brother!

The FEMA trailer areas are fairly dangerous we're finding... multiple stabbings, meth lab busts, pedophiles galore... no play grounds, no grass, just gravel and wire fences... very soviet... very scary. Kids line up for our vans, but we can only take them on a first-come-first-serve basis. We've stopped all advertising... of which we've had to do very little and have started a waiting list... a long waiting list.

The opportunities to reach children and their families for Christ is VAST. Where do we need help?? A bus or buses (they don't have to be fancy!) and money for food... these kids eat a lot and we provide home cookin'! So far we're working like crazy to love on the sixty or so kids that we currently can accommodate... games, snacks, Bible lessons, crafts, worship, tutoring (we have a certified educator plus other assistants), dinner and a whole lot more.

We continue to build sheds for those who need to a place to secure their tools and equipment while rebuilding. We're also housing up to 180 at a time (thankfully it's more of an average of 40). On the distribution front we help about thirty - forty families a week. It's constant motion, but it's all good. God's doing amazing things!

Blessings -


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