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First Presbyterian Church
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Script #16


Some may recall the process of discerning God's will for our lives in last Sunday's message: (1) We don't have to ask God to reveal what He's already revealed in Jesus and the Bible about His will for our lives; and (2) Specifically, we couple His revealed Word with our feelings, facts, friends, and faith to know His, uh, specific will for our lives.

Clearly, last night during Midweek, His Holy Spirit provided a refreshing wind of joy and unity through the whole place in all corners through all programs and activities.  It was overwhelming and confirmed by so many according to the process recalled in the previous paragraph.

It was a "turning from" to a "turning to" in our life together; if you know what I mean.

I wept this morning about those who missed it by their absence or...

Two more quickies:

1. Twelve people have dug deeper in their discipleship and are prepared to help you understand "A Good Report Card" (go to right now for more on that).  If you need help, ask Bob, Vicki, Bonnie, Ginny, Tim, Norby, Don, Phyllis, Pat, Loretta, LuAnn, or Dennis.

2. Every Sunday is Easter.  Resurrecting.  Especially now that the Holy Spirit is answering specific prayers for increased intimacy and intentional ministry.  Invite.  Welcome.  Include.  Love.  What a privilege to be a partner with Him in His desire as revealed to Timothy through Paul: "He wants everybody to be saved!"

Carpe Diem.

Blessings and Love!

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