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Monday, October 31, 2011

Script #18


John Eldredge wrote in Wild at Heart, "Do you know why there's been such an assault?  The enemy fears you.  You are dangerous big-time."

Wow, did I get a major dose of that today.

For the past few weeks, the Holy Spirit has been sweeping us up into greater peace, unity, and purity.  Increasing intimacy with Jesus in our family of faith is increasing that PUP.  People are joyful, loving on each other, and getting over past distractions and divisions.

That's what He does when people are intimate with Him; building each other up into the true Body of Christ.

Praise the Lord!

Then came yesterday's message on Psalm 32.

While I didn't think too much of it because I always pour out my heart in every message as I try to honor Him and, in honoring Him, enable holy communion with Him, there has been more e-mail and telephone and personal encouragement about how our Lord used that message to help people forgive, receive forgiveness, and get closer to God.

Then it happened.

Like two of my friends who came back from our mountaintop experience with Eugene Peterson in Montana, I was attacked.

The specifics are irrelevant.

The reality must be repeated.

As we move closer to our Lord and closer to each other and really pray and labor to be a beacon for Jesus and safe haven for all, we will be attacked, sometimes even viciously, because we are becoming a threat to the enemy's plans to deceive, detour, disrupt, divide, degrade, denigrate, devastate, and destroy.

Fortunately, I've spent a lot of time preparing for such attacks; especially with Bill Westlund and VMTC in our appropriation of God's armor as explained in Ephesians 6 (pick up copies of "When Attacked" in our narthex).

As Francis Frangipane often says, "How do we defeat the enemy?  Victory begins with the name of Jesus on our lips; it is consummated by the nature of Jesus in our hearts."

We are becoming an increasing threat to the enemy on the corner of Lincoln and Main.

It will attack; but the victory is ours: "Submit yourselves therefore to God.  Resist the devil and he will flee from you.  Draw near to God and He will draw near to you" (James 4:7-8).

Some quickies:

1. I don't like to talk about messages after they're delivered; but, apparently, yesterday's was a healing balm to so many in feeling God's love and enabling people to love.  If you missed it, go to and listen to the archived edition.

2. Speaking of, you've gotta listen to Bill's "Confessing Moments" which are timeless.  Go to for the calendar and archives of missed moments.

3. "Good Report" cards are due.

4. The last two editions of are about what's needed to restore our country, churches, and families and a model for leadership in today's church.  I may be wrong; but I think they're worth a moment or two.

It's all about Jesus at First Presbyterian Church.

That's what it says on our signs; and that's what is so clearly evident from what's in our hearts.

Blessings and Love!

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