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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Script #51



1. Wednesday's Midweek Boost (11:30 - 11:45ish a.m. in chapel) will include a look at John 11 in the context of last Friday's tragedy.

2. You will see one of the most powerful movements of the Holy Spirit in our family of faith at First this Sunday during the second service (10:00 a.m.).  Invite!!!

3. Speaking of His movements in our midst, you may want to revisit (go to the right column and click on the two editions related to "controversy" and, yeah, take a look at "Truth About Schism" while you're at it) before continuing.

Seriously, don't continue until you've read...

O.K., a fellah came to the church sometime around noon on Monday and asked for help.

I was in a hurry for a scheduled ministerial appointment concomitant to Ephesians 6; so I got right to the point: "What do you need, friend?  Do you need some $?"

"No man," he said, "I just need someone to talk to.  I tried to kill myself yesterday."

After close to an hour, I called a deacon and asked him to follow up with the man.

Later in the day, the deacon called and said, "We talked for nearly two hours.  I will meet him this Wednesday before Bible study."

Then our deacon said this; and listen carefully: "I asked why he picked our church?  He said, 'I was looking for God and your door was open.'"

Ask Dennis or Harlan for more on how He is...

Blessings and Love!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Script #50


It's Wednesday!

Go to for the line-up!

This Sunday will be another excellent opportunity to invite new families to our 10:00 a.m. service because there will be a very, very, very special ministry from visitors that will brighten the eyes of young and old!  This will be one of those fixed-in-time-kairos moments that won't be repeated; and if you/we/they miss it, especially them because we failed to invite 'em, that will be so...

Now why don't I just tell you who's/what's coming?

Because anyone who has to be convinced to worship God or invite others to worship God hasn't a clue about what it's/He's all about.

"Pastor, I think you need to personally coax ___ to worship God."


People who really love Him don't need to be coaxed!

People who really love Him hunger and thirst for every opportunity to get closer and closer and closer to Him.  They don't miss many opportunities!

People who really love Him love His and don't separate, segregate, or...

The time is coming when all of that will be exposed.

It's time for us to stop making excuses about inattentiveness to Him and start telling the only way, truth, and life that can really...

Well, you know what I mean.

Blessings and Love!

P.S. #1 - I'm out a lotta $ from folks who will pay me later for something.  That's cool.  I only got ten freebies (author's copies) and they went to my family.  But if you'd like to know what it's about, a great article was written about it on 2/19 in a big newspaper in the East.  Copies are available on the literature table in the narthex or literature rack just outside our welcoming center next to the gathering room.  Why buy the book when you can read somebody else tell you about it?  Whoa.  That sounds like...  BTW, when local papers stop writing about St. James, maybe...  Nah.

P.S. #2 - Yes, the most awful controversy in over two decades rages!  Go to for more on it!  And watch for more on it in the next edition of KD later in the week.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Script #49


There's an old saying, "You can lead a horse to water; but you can't..."

That's how I feel about this weekend's men's retreat (see below).

That's how I feel about most opportunities.

God provides the choices; but we get to choose for good or...

Yeah, listen to (815) 544-3535.

Again, Midweek Boost begins this Wednesday at 11:30 a.m.

As long as we invite, welcome, include, and love, we're loving Jesus by loving like Jesus.

That's our responsibility.

Those who decline the invitations bear the consequences of such decisions.

Read Matthew 13 for more on that.

I think of funerals.

Often, I remind folks, as my buddy Eric often says, "Love 'em while you got 'em!"

If we/you don't, there can be an awful lot of unresolved guilt at...

It's better to seize moments than mourn 'em.

Blessings and Love!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Script #48



1. Do you know anyone who needs emotional, intellectual, spiritual, or physical healing?  This Sunday is all about "The First Step to Healing" (7&10);

2. Speaking of worship, do you remember me mentioning a really important video to be shown soon?  This Sunday at the 10:00 a.m. service;

3. Midweek Boost, an Advent and Lent discipline, returns this coming Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. in the chapel.  Beginning promptly at 11:30 a.m., it's a brief time at the table for increased intimacy with Jesus.  You're back to the world, but more equipped, by 11:50 a.m.;

4. Confirmation Class begins soon!  Go to for more information or check the attached;

5. Unless you already know everything, sign up for education classes in our unnamed gathering area.  You will be stunned by the plethora of possibilities;

6. Men, sign up for the retreat (see below); and

7. Women, be sure the men in your life sign up for the men's retreat (see Script #47).

Blessings and Love!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Script #47

Really, Really, Really


This is another really, really, really important message extraordinarily related to the one below.

If you are a man or have someone in your house of that gender, you/he/they will be very, very, very sorry if you/he/they miss the men's retreat on February 24/25.

I know pastors are expected to make excuses for people who miss really, really, really important-fixed-in-time-kairos-moment-not-to-be-repeated serendipities of the Spirit.

I'm, uh, not like those...

I have this compelling need to tell the...

Well, and you may want to listen to (815) 544-3535 before continuing, I am convinced our family of faith at First Presbyterian Church will not be the same after 2/24-25.  I'm very, very, very, really, really, really serious. 

For more on the retreat, go to

Getting back to the call to attend, what happens on 2/24-25 will be announced/celebrated/convicted during worship as early as 2/26; and, go back to the third sentence of this script, if you/he/they miss it, Scott's counseling load and my counseling load for "regrets" will be increased exponentially.  Guaranteed!

As a matter of soon-to-be-revealed fact, I would invite any man - member or not - to the weekend before it's too...

Again, the message of (815) 544-3535 will be an incarnational wailing for those who miss...

Don't miss it!

Seriously, seriously, seriously.

Please accept this as a warning as well as invitation from your friend as well as undershepherd.

Blessings and Love!

P.S. Don't cheat yourself/him/them!  Love compels this invitation/warning.  What happens in worship soon after 2/24-25 will be wrenchingly uncomfortable for those who miss...

Women!  Make sure your man/men are there!  You will be glad you did!  I'm really, really, really serious about this!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Script #46


This is really, really, really important.

We are going deeper on Wednesdays in the chapel at 6:00 p.m. with the help of Francis Chan's Forgotten God: Reversing Our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit.

I can think of only one other book right now that I'd like you to buy/read/digest.

No, I'm not talking about I Just Wanna Ride!

I'm talking about the Bible.

Anyway, several folks could not make last Wednesday's session.

Typically, I was asked, "Will I miss anything?"

For the answer, call our prayer line at (815) 544-3535.

Blessings and Love!