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First Presbyterian Church
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Script #47

Really, Really, Really


This is another really, really, really important message extraordinarily related to the one below.

If you are a man or have someone in your house of that gender, you/he/they will be very, very, very sorry if you/he/they miss the men's retreat on February 24/25.

I know pastors are expected to make excuses for people who miss really, really, really important-fixed-in-time-kairos-moment-not-to-be-repeated serendipities of the Spirit.

I'm, uh, not like those...

I have this compelling need to tell the...

Well, and you may want to listen to (815) 544-3535 before continuing, I am convinced our family of faith at First Presbyterian Church will not be the same after 2/24-25.  I'm very, very, very, really, really, really serious. 

For more on the retreat, go to

Getting back to the call to attend, what happens on 2/24-25 will be announced/celebrated/convicted during worship as early as 2/26; and, go back to the third sentence of this script, if you/he/they miss it, Scott's counseling load and my counseling load for "regrets" will be increased exponentially.  Guaranteed!

As a matter of soon-to-be-revealed fact, I would invite any man - member or not - to the weekend before it's too...

Again, the message of (815) 544-3535 will be an incarnational wailing for those who miss...

Don't miss it!

Seriously, seriously, seriously.

Please accept this as a warning as well as invitation from your friend as well as undershepherd.

Blessings and Love!

P.S. Don't cheat yourself/him/them!  Love compels this invitation/warning.  What happens in worship soon after 2/24-25 will be wrenchingly uncomfortable for those who miss...

Women!  Make sure your man/men are there!  You will be glad you did!  I'm really, really, really serious about this!!!

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