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First Presbyterian Church
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Friday, March 9, 2012

Script #59


The response continues to build for our FRT's relief trip to First Presbyterian Church in Harrisburg, Illinois next Friday.

A generous check from one of our strongest evangelists was hand-delivered less than an hour ago and today's mail included another generous check from one of my favorite coaches in Arizona.

Parenthetically/providentially, Kristin Preihs is studying for a MA in that neck of the woods and we will meet her for lunch on Friday and connect her with Pastor Beyler as our family member on site!  Kristin will keep us posted about emerging opportunities.

But we need lots more supplies and $; and you will hear more about that on Sunday.

Please, we only have one week until departure.  Actually, we need to load up and cut the check in less than a week (Thursday).  So don't procrastinate!

And if you've got friends in neighboring franchise churches or others, tell 'em to get with it/his/Him.  I'm a pastor and know how lazy I can be about opportunities that are fixed in time.  These are immediate needs that will not wait for a bunch of chats, meetings, and...  There's a time to chat and meet and there's a time to act.  Hmm.  I once heard/read something like that in the...

Getting back to Sunday, this year's Confirmation Class is superb with 11 confirmands and one assistant; and because of the time intensive preparations for confirmation on 5/27, folks who cannot make this Sunday's class will have to wait 'til next year.  That's cool.  I thought we'd skip a year; but we already have about seven or eight younger family members who have indicated they will be in the next class.

Staying on Sunday, don't miss the message of 815-544-3535 (devotional on prayer line) as you consider your calendar for Sunday.  His Holy Spirit is moving rapidly in our midst and there's another big moment coming this Sunday.  I know there will be a very, very, very powerful witness during the second service.  It's/he's/He's scheduled!  And God only knows what He's up to for the first service! 

We don't want anyone, uh, left behind.

Blessings and Love!

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