First Presbyterian Church

First Presbyterian Church
221 North Main Street
Belvidere, IL 61008

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Script #72


I thank Him every day for the privilege of being an undershepherd to Him as your pastor.

While I try to communicate this to you, I know I don't do it that well; but I love you immeasurably and my excitement about the future rekindles daily.

These may be tough times in our world and country and churches may not be immune to the transferred pathologies but He is up to something supernatural on the corner of Lincoln and Main in Belvidere, Illinois and I praise Him and thank Him to be along for the ride. 

Yes, we are, increasingly, a beacon for Jesus and safe haven for all of His children.

Some quickies:

1. Please scroll down to the information about our Stronghold Benefit.  With unexpected bills related to our expansion/renovation concomitant to the financial stresses in our family of faith as increasing family members struggle with unemployment, under-employment, and holding on to their homes, I realize our participation in this benefit is precarious.  We will not meet the original goal.  However, if $1500 more comes in before May 28, Billy Flott and I will represent First.  If not, we will withdraw because of the aforementioned realities.  So if you've been waiting to see...

2. Free copies of Fifteen Secrets...[Theses]...for Life and Ministry are available throughout the church.  We are continuing Deeper Discipleship throughout the summer - Wednesdays in the "Gathering Room" from 5:30 - 7:00 p.m.  I am hoping some folks will step up to make coffee/donuts/even-healthy-goodies-but-especially-brownies-or-Mona's-blueberry-pie as part of the journey.  We will use the book to explore expanding wineskins within the context of Christian transformation, evolution, growth, and the like.  Specifically, we look at what I wrote as secrets/theses to survive/thrive in a hostile world and how I've, uh, been transformed, evolved, grown, and so on since writing the book.  Of course, it's not about me!  It's about using one member of the family's chronicled experience to help all of us examine, re-examine, and make room for His new and improved...  We will talk, wrestle in a Christian kinda way, pray, and go deeper in our relationship with Him and each other.  Please take extra copies and invite others to join us!  We will meet, not being Pharisaical about this, on May 23, June 6, 13, 20, 27, July 11, 18, 25, August 1, 15. 

See you in worship this Sunday at 7:30 really 7:20 or 10:00 a.m. for Mother's Day with special music from our children, Praise Team, and a message related to...

Blessings and Love!

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