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First Presbyterian Church
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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Script #76


Everything about everyone involved in worship on "Dedication Sunday" honored Jesus and deepened bonds through and for Him!

Praise the Lord!

There have been several requests for the prayer following the Litany of Dedication of Blessings Campaign (attached).

Here's a summary; noting the full version is available as recorded via

      Lord, we thank You for everyone who partnered to expand
    this wineskin through prayer, encouraging commentary,
    sacrificial offerings of self and substance, and unconditional
    favor in His Spirit, "As you do it for others, you do it for Me."

      We thank You for Dale, Carl, Pat, Rick, their predecessors,
    everyone listed on the green insert, our immediate and
    extended family of faith, and, especially, Your Holy Spirit
    to overcome the spirits of doubt, contentment, complacency,
    selfishness, irreconcilability, pride, defiance, and rebellion.

      It hasn't always been easy.  Sometimes it's been downright
    painful.  Feelings have been strained, energies exhausted,
    excuses betrayed, dark rationalizations exposed, and exits
    enabled; yet, thankfully, true discipleship radiated, fidelities
    deepened, and storms stilled.

      Of course, we know there's more to be done.  There's still
    an omission, hole, that must be filled; and, right now in
    hearing...[and reading]...,You as Holy Spirit are calling,
    compelling, and convicting the able by Your grace to step
    up and materialize.

      Now we begin afresh in concert with You: "Behold, I make
    all things new!"

      We can no longer settle for business as usual, the way things
    were or maybe were but are no more, self over service, me over
    we, I over Thou, or anything or anyone distracting us from our
    highest goal, greatest ambition, and most fervent prayer of
    saying the things that Jesus would say and doing the things that
    Jesus would do to be a beacon for Him and safe haven for
    all as perfectly patterned by Jesus in whose Name we pray.


Blessings and Love!

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