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First Presbyterian Church
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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Script #88

Beloved, and Script(s) are on a little hiatus until...

This is a good time to catch up on the preface and Genesis pages of Scratching the Surface available via the archives after clicking on; noting we will begin that adventure in September in worship, KDs, and the version of KD.


The preface is really important to understanding what Scratching the Surface is all about.

Three quickies FYI and prayers:

1. Mona will continue to provide music along with our singing nun for our first service as we begin our search for an accompanist for our second service.  A position description is being reviewed by our Personnel/Finance Committees before session deliberations preceding our formal search;

2. Here's an interesting one!  Some folks have asked why they don't receive KDs and Scripts.  Whoa.  Well, uh, that's because we posted a little thingy a few months ago that went something like this: "If you'd like to continue receiving..., let us know...If not, we will not send..."  As the Emperor said to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, "So there it is!"  If you know someone who's feeling left out, just tell 'em that we'll add their name to our mailing lists upon request.  815-544-3535 comes to mind; and

3. These are overwhelmingly exciting times on the corner of Lincoln and Main as our Lord enlightens, energizes, and enables us to expand the wineskin for the glory of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as a beacon for Him and safe haven for His.  Fresh off the spectacular expansion/renovation as led by our Project Team, a playground was envisioned than incarnated that provoked an over six decades member to exclaim he could not recall so many people working together on a project with such positive participation.  Now there's a movement to plant a pavilion next to the shed for multi-purposes including outdoor concerts, picnics, gatherings, and activities for all ages.  We're praying for seed $; and fresh off the playground participation, we know we've got the wherewithal to provide the labor and know-how!  Anyway, it's so obvious that our Lord is calling us into greater service for Him by being a beacon for Jesus and safe haven for all of His children: "Let the children come to Me!"

The harvest is ready; and our harvesters have been renewed as reinforcements are arriving with increasing regularity.

Praise the Lord!

Blessings and Love!

P.S. 815-544-3535.

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