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First Presbyterian Church
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Friday, September 21, 2012

Script #99


Important updates/requests/opportunities:

1. The response of our family of faith to Love, Inc. has been swift and enthusiastic.  Family members who attended last Wednesday's meeting have been in contact with Danice et moi and are eager to partner and grow together in service, uh, in the Name of Christ!  Get it?  Love, I-N-C?The complementary opportunities juxtaposed to existing community paradenominationals have been noted.  Stay posted!

2. Deacon Dennis was in a serious traffic accident last week and needs transportation throughout September and October for Wednesdays (Deeper Discipleship) and Sundays (worship).  If you can help, please call him directly at 815-558-1004.  And call right now anyway to encourage him!  Help him to feel the love!

3. We praise God for sister congregations in Belvidere through BMA!  I even recommend people who hate me to try them!  And when someone from a member congregation visits here to complain about another pastor in town, I do not listen, enable, encourage, or steal sheep!  That's for others who don't get it/Him.  I offer to meet with them and their pastor and seek God's counsel and correction juxtaposed to John 17.  That's why I'm excited to encourage you to attend Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University on Monday's at First Baptist Church (10/8-12/3 at 6:30 p.m.).  Pastor Rex will be leading the sessions.  He loves Jesus, will love you, and will begin an adventure with you through Ramsey that will help you to learn how to handle money as a Christian.  Lois taught this course for us not too long ago; and Daniel and I attended it and were so blessed that we tried to get Lois to teach it as often as possible!  While we expect Lois to teach this again on our turf in the near future - She was/is great at it! - I encourage you to join Pastor Rex and get on with it if you are having any struggles with personal finances.

4. Scratching the Surface begins in worship this Sunday!  It is the worship dimension of our scratching via,, and Deeper Discipleship.

5. And don't miss really, really, really revealing photographs of...during Sunday's "Moment for Children" in the second service.

6. Speaking of worship, RRK's favorite (weak word for what it means to him) clip will be shown as the conclusion of Sunday's message in both services.

7. Speaking of the preceding, 815-544-3535.

Blessings and Love!

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