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First Presbyterian Church
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Belvidere, IL 61008

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Script #111


With the glorious and dramatic increases in worship, music ministries, Sunday School, and Midweek attendance. excitement, freedom, and depth over the past two months or so, this is a great time for us to invite new friends to get involved in our rapidly expanding life and ministry together:

    Are you still looking for a different way to do church?

    Are you tired of the SOSO religion?

    Are you put off by posers in pews, politics, and pulpits?

    Are you searching for something/Someone real, honest,
    timely, and true to...?

    Try our family of faith on the corner of Lincoln and Main!
                                  (Belvidere, Illinois)

                                          7:20 a.m.
                                          10:00 a.m.

                                       And so much...

I really don't know what's been happening lately; but a logjam has burst and our worship, attendance, educational opportunities, mission interests/involvements, positive attitudes, passion, peace, unity, and purity for our Lord have moved to...

Well, you're a part of it and you know what we mean.

All I know is the excitement, enthusiasm, and energy are exponentially greater than anything that I've experienced on the corner of Lincoln and Main as we cross over into the 8th year of our life and ministry together.

It's a miracle of increasing intimacy with Jesus!

Criticisms, negativities, speck-inspecting, dissonance, stress, contention, and all of those kinda things have suddenly dissipated and evaporated!

Praise the Lord!

I don't know what's happening; but as we said last Sunday, we're not gonna get in the way!

I've rarely seen anything like what has happened so seemingly overnight!

The Holy Spirit is unleashing...

When I received several calls, texts, and e-mails of concern and frustration and disappointment on Wednesday about a world ablaze, country in division, and sister congregations in disarray, I wrote a message to one dear friend that I have been sharing over and over and over again and which I urge you to forward along with this script:

    Certainly, I share your sentiments.

    Just as certainly, I trust God will not be mocked.

    I will pray about this on Sunday; and, providentially, the
    message will be scratching the surface of
    Joshua: "But as for me and my house, we will serve
    the Lord!"

    We are together and we will build something together
    for Him on the corner of Lincoln and Main.

    Invite others to be a part of our beacon for Jesus
    as we welcome, include, and love others into our
    safe haven!

    You will be glad you did!

    And our part of America will be stronger for it/Him!

We have shed the control needs of religion at First as we have increasingly embraced the servant leadership modeled by Jesus!

Don't cheat people of what can satisfy their hunger and thirst!

The confessional, repentant, and increasingly unified Body of Christ on the corner of Lincoln and Main!

Invite!  Welcome!  Include!  Love!

Blessings and Love!    

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