First Presbyterian Church

First Presbyterian Church
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Belvidere, IL 61008

Monday, November 26, 2012

Script #114



1. PW Christmas Dinner on Thursday at 6:00 p.m.

2. All Midweek activities resume on Wednesday.

3. Bless our ringers today!

4. Comment from younger member: "If you let all of your beard grow out, you can play Santa!"

5. For more on #4, go to and go to the right column of archives and click on "You Better Listen!"  If you don't, don't ask.

6. 815-544-3535

7. Request for Sunday's opening prayer (see note below on #4 of script 113):

    As prayed so many years ago by a monk who
    got it/You: "Oh, God, fix my heart so I may
    perfectly love You and worthily praise You."

    This time is for praising and honoring and
    thanking You for Your many favors in time
    and throughout eternity.

    This time is for thanking You for our deacons
    and helpers who fed two dozen families last

    This time is for thanking You for everyone in
    our community who helped feed the poor and
    those who often feel alienated from the
    community at the annual Harvest Meal; and
    we're really thankful for the many kind saints
    from our family of faith who helped lead and

    This time is for thanking You for family
    feasting on food and each other's love
    on Thursday.

    This time is for thanking You for how You
    are caring for...

    This time is for thanking You for blessing
    our nation beyond anything imaginable for
    so long with prayers that we will bless You
    as You have blessed us - faithfully...

    Oh, Lord, Solomon got it/You: "Do not
    withhold good when it is in your power."

    As You have blessed us, help us to bless
    others as blessing You; recalling how You
    said, "As you do it for..."

    Now, Lord, as we begin this worship
    service, help us by Your Holy Spirit to
    sharpen our focus on You in this time,
    turn off our cellulars and stop texting
    and put watches in our pockets, let go
    of this time so You may lead us for
    Your pleasure and our benefit as we
    pray in the name of Jesus.


Blessings and Love!

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