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Monday, December 10, 2012

Script #118


Don't miss the Christmas Cantata this Sunday at 10:00 a.m. in the sanctuary!

What a great opportunity to invite folks to worship and grow with us; and if you know someone who can't make it, she/he can always listen live via

Children will worship with us throughout the service on Sunday.

Speaking of children, see #5 below (12/23).

7:20ers as always; but they can double-dip this Sunday!

Ho!  Ho!  Ho!  If you haven't heard about Doomsday 2012 and still wanna learn about it and maybe even participate, uh, before it's too late, call Karen at 815-544-6402 or write via

A summary of one of the prayers from last Sunday:

    How thankful we are, Lord, for Your lavish
    love that cares for us before the womb and
    after the tomb.

    How thankful we are to entrust the soul of
    _____ into Your eternal embrace; knowing
    the next chapter of her life is never-ending
    and incalculably better than anything
    anyone can experience even in life that
    You created as "good" when in tandem
    with You.

    How thankful we are to entrust this part
    of _____'s journey with You and back to
    You and always with You with no doubts
    and complete confidence in Your lavish
    love for him along with...

    How thankful we are for what you are
    doing on the corner of Lincoln and Main
    as we have surrendered direction,
    leadership, deacons, elders, staff,
    worship, programs, and our very lives
    to You with the prayer to say what You
    want us to say and do what You want
    us to do and not interfere with the
    movement of Your Holy Spirit to make
    us walk
    more than talk.

    How thankful we are for un unfenced
    table of holy communion, exorcism of
    dark control needs, Pauline insight to
    consider others better than ourselves,
    and increasing opportunities to sacrifice,
    serve, and be Yours in all things at all
    times in all places with all people.

    We don't know much; but we know we
    love You; and that's all we really need
    to know as grateful recipients of Your
    lavish love sealed by Jesus in whose
    name we pray.


Blessings and Love!



1. "Arise!  Shine!  Our Light has come!" The season of salting has ended and the season of shining has begun on the corner of Lincoln and Main!  It's related to the number seven and so much... Attend one of our four growing adult education classes on Sunday mornings and discover what that/He...

2. Pray with me for the release and special gifting for a FM license for  It's related to update #1.  And if you haven't checked out the updated website, what are you...?  The time is now.

3. If you've heard about Doomsday 2012 and want more information, call the church office at 815-544-6402 or write Karen at and she'll send the important/vital/yet-non-life-changing-but-encouraging-for-others information to you!  The train is about to leave the station on that one and you don't want to miss the invitation/opportunity to...

4. 815-544-3535.

5. It's not too early to share our Christmas Season "Special Services" Calendar with others in a 815-544-3535 kinda way:

    December 16
    7:20 a.m. Sacrament Service in Chapel
    Cantata in Sanctuary at 10:00 a.m.

    December 23
    7:20 a.m. Sacrament Service in Chapel
    Children's Program in Sanctuary at 10:00 a.m.

    December 24
    Christmas Eve Services at 4:00 and 11:00 p.m.
    4:00 p.m. service live  on

    December 30
    Worship Services at 7:20 and 10:00 a.m.

6. I have been asked why we have two services on 12/16&23/12: Three reasons: (1) It's not my decision to make; (2) Life is full of choices and there are more and more and more opportunities on the corner of Lincoln and Main to experience greater intimacy with Him and ya just can't be everywhere all of the time; and (3) We are not inclined to pretend folks who attend one service will go to another service just 'cause we cancel one service to manipulate attendance at another service and, again, go back to #2 about "Life is full of choices and..." and let's just invite more folks to the services that you think...

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