First Presbyterian Church

First Presbyterian Church
221 North Main Street
Belvidere, IL 61008

Monday, December 17, 2012

Script #119



1. Yesterday's "Christmas Cantata" aligned hearts with Him and His!  Thanks and praise to God for Lisa and everyone who participated...and witnessed!  If you missed it, you can go to the archives of and click on yesterday's 10am worship service;

2. Don't forget next Sunday's "Children's Program" at 10am;

3. Christmas Eve services at 4pm (sanctuary) and 11pm (chapel) with important bulletin inserts;

4. You gotta check out the picture hanging in the undershepherd's study!  It replaced the... It is one of the increasing evidences of the overwhelming revival occurring on the corner of Lincoln and Main.  Folks get it/Him even upon first glance;

5. With your help and prayers, Doomsday 2012 has been fully subscribed (see note about it in Script 118 below) and five staff members, excluding two by choice/call, have not been penalized for...Anyway, to raise $ for that, books in my inventory of non-best-sellers were hawked to raise the $ that was drained from...during...Anyway, I was inspired/indigested while Kopper took me for a walk on 12/15 in a Matthew 6:19-21 kinda way to offer the remaining inventory to anyone who wants to give 'em away in a witnessing kinda way for any contribution to any mission effort at First in a Proverbs 3:9 kinda way.  You designate!Seriously!  Here's what's left after finding the other missing box: 3 copies of Praying Like Jesus, 7 copies of I Just Wanna Ride (FTW), 2 copies of God's Top Ten List, 5 copies of Golf in the Real Kingdom, and 5 boxes of Fifteen Secrets for Life and Ministry.  Last chance in a DN kinda way;

6. What's happening on the corner of Lincoln and Main is awesome in the highest sense of that word; and because we don't want anyone to miss out, keep inviting, welcoming, including, and loving; and

7. A summarized/abbreviated version of one of Sunday's prayers:

    Thinking things can't get any worse, O God,
    in a world of darkening greed, pride, insatiable
    control needs, religious imperialism, and increasing
    hatreds of separation, segregation, schism, self-
    indulgence, and self-righteousness, Friday's slaughter
    of the innocents adds to the list of Herodian barbarity
    remembered this season and reincarnated in the
    predecessors of Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia,
    Maoist China, international terrorism, and our own
    country's legal, governmental, and ecclesiastical
    enabling of the violent assault on life from womb to
    tomb driven by demonically enflamed lusts of human
    choices over Your commands.

    The wrenching horror of Friday - "the unspeakable
    evil' so enabled by our culture of violence shamelessly
    represented by gangsta rap, video game bloodthirst,
    vehicular rage, damning rhetoric, ideological idolatries,
    ego-driven-my-way-or-the-highway church exits, and
    swords of steel and tongue - provokes recollection of
    the prophet's verdict of so long ago, so unheeded then
    and today, and yet so timely and prescriptive...[Hosea

    And so we praise You today for the antidote for all
    ailing us: You!!!

    A people focused on You and filtering life through You
    brings hope to these mean, maddening, and miserable
    times; even as we pray comfort and consolation for

    And so we join hands with the remnant model
    Someone better: You!!!

    We will hug a little longer, learn to overcome our
    differences as expected by Jesus...

    We will tear down fences of arrogant and
    condescending pride and division.

    We will esteem service above self.

    We will shine for Jesus.

    We will provide a safe haven on the corner of
    Lincoln and Main.

    We will live, minister, and pray in the name of


Blessings and Love!

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