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First Presbyterian Church
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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Script #156


One of my greatest sorrows is people, as Hebrews laments, "who neglect to worship" with the family.

I'm sad because God deserves our worship; and it's sooooooo hostile as well as ungrateful to neglect to offer the praises and thanks and fellowship with His body that He deserves.

I'm sad because people who are religious but not related to Jesus as seen by their selective/occasional/convenient worshiping miss out on what He is doing every Sunday in faith-filled and Spirit-led families of faith like the one on the corner of Lincoln and Main.

This Sunday will be no exception.

If you miss for some lame excuse or don't invite someone because you don't think..., you've insulted His holiness.  You've said by your absence that His body is not worth your time and He doesn't deserve your time for everything that He's done for you in time and...

If you miss for..., you will miss our increasingly holy praise team that's been unleashed to honor Him and align hearts with Him.

If you miss for..., you will miss three of the most powerful testimonies to hit the corner of Lincoln and Main in years - not testimonies by word but by sight!  And if you don't experience it/Him, no one will ever be able to explain it/Him to you!  You'll just miss it/Him!  You'll just have forfeited grace in your life!
If you miss for..., you will miss a powerful witness to what we're going to be/do in response to a world, nation, and too many churches that...(go back and read the preceding).

If you miss for..., you just may want to click on for a very stern warning about the difference between posing and authentic followers of Jesus.

If you miss for..., well, I'm sad, the body weeps, and Jesus...(Matthew 23:37-39).

Really, I don't care where anyone long as they're worshiping in a Biblically-based-Christocentric-Spirit-led family of faith.

I remember Dean Adams being asked by a snotty seminarian, "Really, Dr. Adams, is it really that important for people to worship God with the church?  C'mon, don't you think you can be a
Christian without worshiping in church?"

Dr. Adams paused and then replied, "Yes, I guess it's possible to be a Christian and never worship in church; but I've never seen one!"

Blessings and Love!

P.S. Yeah, forward this on!  Don't assume you-know-who is on the mailing list.

P.S.#2  Just to be honest, this is not about worship attendance on the corner of Lincoln and Main.  Our attendance is growing weekly...even in the summer.  Hey, it's not about us!  It's about Him and His and honoring Him by helping His!  Since our season of pruning and purging and remnant surfacing and pewsitting rebirths and reinforcements and renewals and even resurrections..., the preceding is not a pep talk to encourage what's already happening on the corner of Lincoln and Main.  It's about inviting, welcoming, including, and loving to wipe away the sadness from...ipt #

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