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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Script #168


I've had several requests for reprints of the opening prayer on 11/3.  While I often have notes to remind myself of His guidance throughout the week preceding Sunday's opening prayer for both services, I don't have a "finished/polished/edited" version as if that's ever possible in prayer.

So here are some recollections from the notes:

Father, while our first citizenship is in Your Kingdom, we are Americans
who love this country and everything that it has stood for as a nation
under You.

Today, we are grieved to see it being ripped apart and falling apart by
ineptness, ignorance, and deception in the highest levels of federal
government; trickling down with its diseases on so many levels of
our society.

Trust has been broken with the people; as our modern technologies
allow us to see broken promises, blatant lies, extreme partisanship
from all parties, and a spirit flagging in the winds being blown by
those who do not know You and do not even think of You; allying
themselves with dark spirits who want to insult You and injure
Your people.

Indeed, as Paul announced so long ago as Jesus warned, they,
the evildoers, come in sheep's clothing, looking like they're on Your
side, slipping in like terrorist sleeper cells, and waiting for an
opportune time to expose themselves and attack to ravage
all semblances of holiness to You.

Jesus warned us.  He said they will lie like their real father.
They will confuse to detour and destroy.  They will replace
Godliness by the book with ideas, inventions, imaginings,
and other idolatries that lead to the nation's decline.

Yet, we know Your people are strong - armed with the
mightiest weapon for the battle: Jesus. 

We have Jesus: "It is no longer I who live but it is Jesus
who lives in me."

So we are not afraid to take our country back just like
many authentic believers in America are taking their
churches back.

We are not afraid of darkness because we can salt to save
and shine to expose to salt to save.

We are not afraid of them - the forces of darkness and the
evil one itself - because He who is in us is greater than it
that is in the world.

We do not run in fear because the spirits of darkness flee
from us because we have invited Jesus into us.

We claim Your victory.

We sing Your praises.

Onward, we go, as Christian soldiers!...Satan's host doth
flee...Hell's foundations quiver at the shout of praise...

We join the salvation army around the world right now
right here; knowing the final score before the last
inning or quarter or whatever is played...

We know victory because when the spirits of darkness
attack, they are messing with our Father's children; and
He will not allow them to steal the souls that He has
saved through Jesus in whose name we pray. 


Of course, you can listen to what was actually prayed by going to the archived version of the service via

If you missed it, music aligned our hearts with Him and His as we scratched the surface of Ephesians in an homiletical kinda way and raised praises and experienced glory and...

Blessings and Love!

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