First Presbyterian Church

First Presbyterian Church
221 North Main Street
Belvidere, IL 61008

Friday, November 29, 2013

Script #175

Mes Amis,

Our Lord is providing moment after moment after moment of extraordinary encounters/experiences with Him during worship services on the corner of Lincoln and Main as we get out of the way, yield, surrender, and increase our intimacy with Him in worship increasingly dedicated to one purpose: honoring Him.

As His flow increases as our intimacy increases and more folks find their way to our beacon for Jesus and safe haven for everybody, we have an opportunity to model Someone better in a world and worldly churches so corrupted by idolatries, selfish idiosyncrasies, and sins concomitant to Matthew 15 and 23.

We must increase our passion/persistence for inviting, welcoming, including, and agapeing.

Really loving folks means we don't want anyone to miss out!

My only sadness, and you may hear more about this on Sunday, is generated by His children who choose to miss out, hold old grudges that cause them to miss out, allow the devil to distract them and detour them to unGodly separation and segregation, or make up silly excuses as to why they cannot make room for...

Also, you will hear a lot about a confirmation from Him that occurred while...

Don't miss...

Don't forget to encourage others not to miss...

Blessings and Love!

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