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First Presbyterian Church
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Monday, December 2, 2013

Script #176


Tis the season with lots of great opportunities to honor, experience, and celebrate the reason for the season:

1. Hey, locals!  Check out Ric's kind posting below!

2. Dan Holmes Production Band, featuring, uh, Dan and our own Karry Wenger, is providing a Toys for Tots Benefit Concert at the Belvidere Community Building on Sunday, December 14 at 7:30 p.m.  Fun, fellowship, entertainment, and an opportunity to honor the reason for the season by bringing an unwrapped new toy for a child.

3. People keep asking me, "What is Presbyterian Elders in Prayer all about?"  Quick answer: "More than I can ever explain!"  Short answer: "PEP knows we have exhausted all of the wrong answers in addressing our world's problems, America's increasing decline, and the spiritual confusion(s) in sooooooo many of today's churches bringing out the worst of Matthew 15 and 23.  PEP knows the answers begin on our knees!"  For more background information, go to and make sure you're signed up for PEP Talks  by e-mail and the quarterly newsletter by snail mail.  If you wanna sign up, just click on and, uh, sign up!

4. Speaking of PEP, don't miss the inaugural "Add a Little PEP" featuring Joe Pallikkathayil commencing live on Friday, December 6 from 11:15 - 11:30 a.m. on  Just click on at 11:14!!!

5. Speaking of PEP, Mountaintop Cell(ular) Ministry continues this Wednesday, December 4 from noon to 3:00 p.m.  Sooooooo send in those praises, petitions, and supplications to or call 'em in via the shared prayer line (815-544-3535) by Tuesday.

6. Back to the locals, all Midweek ministries resume this Wednesday, December 4!  Read your bulletin or go to for more exciting news and opportunities!

7. BTW, you don't want to miss the "Journey to Bethlehem" advertised below!  It's really great faithful fun; especially for children!  My brother Rus, who was mentioned big time during last Sunday's worship services, often hosted such journeys while a pastor in Pennsylvania.  BTW, always remember/share/forward His-not-our table of His Holy Communion is not fenced at First and no one who loves Jesus or wants to love Jesus is ever turned away or fenced/denied/rejected.  People are hungry and thirsty for the real deal by the book.  Sooooooo invite, welcome, include, and agape!

8. Speaking of Rus and last Sunday, I pray you were not among our family and friends who missed it/Him!  Awesome!!!  Awesome from the opening bell to closing benediction!  While incarnation is always better than report, you can catch the flow by going to and clicking on the archived version of the second worship service on December 1.  Totally, gloriously, pneumatically, awesome!!!  As prayed and proclaimed by several worship leaders on Sunday, we're not angry with folks who miss out/it/Him.  We're really, really, really sad in a closing verses of Matthew 23 kinda way when folks miss out/it/Him or aren't invited, welcomed, included, and agaped to...  Sooooooo sad when folks forfeit...or aren't invited...

9. If you did miss it/Him, the revival accelerates every Sunday on the corner of Lincoln and Main!  Rebirths!  Renewals!  Recruits!  Awesome!!!
Stay tuned to our bulletins, newsletters,, and so you don't miss it/Him and forward these opportunities to...

Blessings and Love!

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