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First Presbyterian Church
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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


It has just come to our attention that any e-mail sent to or since yesterday (1/6) at noon and until a little over an hour ago has been lost in cyberspace.  Sooooooo if you sent Karen or moi an e-mail expecting a response and have wondered why we haven't responded, it's because we haven't received that e-mail and you'll have to resend it.  It happens.  That's why one of my favorite ITers is gonna flash drive my hard drive asap!  Other staff members have e-mail addresses apart from our domain - whatever that means - meaning they should have...

Of course, if you sent the picture of Mary's face that recently appeared in the Sahara or the astrologer's insights on how the Bears could leave a Packer so wide open on 4th and 8 with time running out, perhaps it was predestined for your e-mail to be lost in cyberspace.

Moretheless, a few notes:

1. All Midweek activities resume tomorrow (1/8).  Go to for the regular schedule.

2. While I'm a little nervous about saying this considering the last three weeks, weather permitting, our chancel choir Christmas cantata has been rescheduled for this Sunday (1/12) during our second service (10:00 a.m.).

3. Ordinations/installations of officers will be during this Sunday's second service.

4. Officers' orientation will be immediately after the second service in the bored/board room. 

5. The first service's message on Sunday at 7:20 a.m. will be "How Did I/We Miss That/Him? (Rebirthing Recollections of an Undershepherd Since October 2011)" with Matthew 23 as the primary text.  Of course, if it's like the last few weeks, it could also be the message of the second service.

Stay safe and warm!

Blessings and Love!s

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