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Friday, January 2, 2015


David sang, "God inhabits the praises of His people."

In other words, we tap into His best blessings for us in worship.

I used to lament over all of the time spent in preparation for worship by our musicians, sound crew, staff, and others when too many people just "blow off" worship for...

Not any more.

Now I lament over what silly and ultimately reckless people miss from Him through His in worship for His glory, laud, and honor alone.

Every worship service includes something for everyone to get closer to Him and experience Him as He moves upon us by His Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus.

What a tragedy when people forfeit what He has for us.

What a tragedy to miss a kairos moment that will never be repeated again.




Yet as I look at the weather forecast for some Sundays - like 1/4/15 - I urge caution for those who aren't as nimble as before.  While we do our best to clear the walks and lots, it is prudent to consider...

Always remember that while worship is more about incarnational experiences with Him and His than anything else, our worship services are archived for repetition and referral via

Getting back to our concern about navigating challenging weather, I am hoping folks will be cautious enough to avoid unnecessary stays in the hospital.

And speaking of hospitals, there may not be a polite way to say this; so I will be direct and trust you know our hearts are filled with love for our family of faith.

Hospital rounds are usually made very, very, very early most mornings to beat procedures/surgeries for personal and focused prayer and care.  So if you know someone who has been taken to the hospital at anytime, please be sure to call us sooner than later.  For example, even if it is late in the evening, call and, if necessary, just leave a message so we don't miss anyone in our early morning daily hospital rounds; for once we move into the schedule of the day and unscheduled crises that come every day, we may not get back to the hospitals until much later or even the next day. 

It also helps if you keep us updated on discharges, transfers, and graduations.

Every now and then, we have a one to two hour session on hints for hospital and nursing home visitations.  It's been about two or three years since our last session; and I will be coordinating with Becca, Julie, Karen, Lydia, Vicki, and others about our next gathering that I hope can be arranged for sometime in February.  Stay tuned to weekly worship bulletins, newsletters,, and for more on that.  We will open up this opportunity to our extended family of faith.

Thank you for helping us to pray and care for our family of faith.

Blessings and Love!

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