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Friday, October 16, 2015

October 16, 2015

***Press Release***

While it comes as no surprise to those who were yellowed out of "Sideline Superstitions" still available in the archives of - O.K., I got the one about the Yankees wrong! - the Cubs will still take a big bite out of the apple on its way to its first World Series title since Moses was lifted from the Nile.

Parenthetically, it takes objective fans who are not first love Cubs fans to see how great this Cubbie crew really is; as I was appalled by a local journalist still hedging his bets like, uh, Yankees fans would never do.

Talk about life in a Skinnerian box!

Anyway, read "Sideline Superstitions" again; because aside from the spirituality of the moment, uh, whoa, sorry, keep in mind that Yankees-Killer Theo said so before the season started, said so again after knocking off the PNCers, and... 

If he can beat Babe Ruth, he can beat a scrawny little goat idolater.

Thus saith Theo!

Uh, for those familiar with Greek, Epstein's first name does attract attention here.

Anyway, again, people have been asking how I feel about the Mets playing the Cubs as a from the womb til I hit the tomb Yankees fan.

Geez, as a Yankees fan, I forgot there was another MLB team in NYC until I heard last night that the team from the land of fruits, nuts, and flakes lost to 'em to play the Cubs.

Go Cubs!

P.S. That's why I'll never retire (see below) and only the wishful thinkers who hate me missed the humor as well as attempt to trap some gossipers and Facebookers.

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