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First Presbyterian Church
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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Message recap

Farmers can teach one a lot about life. Farmers never get too down about a "bad" year, because they know a "good" year will come. In the same manner, however, they will not get too high about a "good" year because they know a "bad" year can follow. 

Farmers can also tell one about the pecking order of chickens. Typically, the biggest, strongest, and most aggressive chicken will bully their way to the top of the flock by literally pecking others into submission. 

Unfortunately, we can all get caught up in a good moment, and forget to give thanks to the One who gives such blessings, or get so caught up in a bad moment, that we forget to call on the One who wants to be our ever present help in times of trouble. Additionally, several of us get caught up in our own "pecking"at one another in order to give ourselves an upper hand. As Christians, we must remember the greatest command, which is to love Christ by loving others LIKE Christ. Jesus did not get caught up in who was better than another. In fact, He mocked the Pharisees in their vestments and those who thought of themselves as "better than the rest." Jesus said, "as you do it to them, you do it to me."

Lord, help us remember that we are all a part of your family and to treat one another as such. Help us to remember to thank you in good times and seek you in our hard times. Thank you for your promises to remain faithful when we fail to be.

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