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First Presbyterian Church
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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Message recap

Today’s message:

Happiness is.......

Psalm 1.
The book of psalms was my grandmas favorite. Today, pastor touched on the first chapter. I enjoyed meditating on the words of the psalmist and for a brief moment was taken back.

I remember the joy my grandma had every day. No, this didn’t mean a pasted fake smile or acting as if her life was without trial. But there was always a peaceful, calm serenity which allowed her to fill a room with her peaceful presence. She was a tree planted by the waters and she was deeply rooted. But rooted in what? Her life was actually filled with heartache. She lost 2 children after birth and helped to save her daughter from an abusive marriage and care for her grandchildren most of their lives. But every day, no matter the problem, the answer was prayer and reading scripture. See, she didn’t do it because she felt she had to do so. She did it because her happiness- ALL happiness, is a supernatural byproduct of a relationship with Christ. We expect to hear some booming voice or miraculous turnaround of our problems. But, grandma knew that her happiness and peace was found when God spoke to her through reading His Word. Pinterest and Instagram feeds will tell us “Happiness is a choice”, but it’s more. Happiness is a gift, and yes, we must choose to accept that gift and focus on our relationship with our creator. We were created after all to love, and to be loved. That love, and it’s byproduct is happiness.

I pray for myself today and all my friends that we can remember the love our Lord has for us. I forget. I live like I don’t know. Yes, many days, I forget.

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